what do the clients say?

Natalie has been fortunate to work for clients all over the world but even more fortunate to work for the same brands regularly.

Lets hear what they have to say.... 

"Natalie went above and beyond to deliver the perfect balance for our Voice Over. We were so impressed that we booked Natalie for a series of videos for our upcoming educational BiteSize Project" Tom Mangham, BBC Bitesize 

"We came accross Natalie on a casting website and she stood out amongst the other applicants. Natalie is our Presenter for our social media campaign, Voice overs and recent TVC. After the first shoot, the client (YaleUK) was so impressed with Natalie they asked us to ensure she would be available for ongoing projects. That was 2 years ago!"

YaleUK, Edson Evers PR. 

"Natalie was a fantastic host and presenter for Pirelli at Silverstone Formula One. She kept our guests engaged and informed throughout the day and created a great buzz around the simulator competition we were holding for guests. Extremely professional Natalie was recommended to this client from another booking she completed for us. Very well received by our clients and guests alike with many positive comments received by both" 

Lydia Lebosquet, Pirelli UK


"Natalie's active lifestyle and love of horse riding, rock climbing and motorsport, makes Natalie a number one choice for fronting sports and adventure packages, making her a true all-rounder presenter who is capable of trying her hand to new experiences, whilst making the viewer feel part of the action. A natural ability to collaborate with contributors and crew makes Natalie a joy to work with and puts other at their ease" Andy Tea. Productions