Working in the industry for over 6 years, Natalie has worked for clients such as the BBC, QVC Sky Channel 660, QVC Italy, Matalan TV, HSBC, TK Maxx,  National Design Academy, XRunner UK, RedPoint Climbing, Mentos, The Clothes Show Live, Body Power UK, Manchester Marathon Live Stage, Festival TV, Optimum Nutrition, Tan Luxe, Protolabs and Pirelli Tyres. Natalie is an energetic and multi-skilled presenter which enables her to span many industries with her work. 

Natalie is the TV host for QVC UK and global brand ambassador for Tan Luxe, see here for her recent work:

Priding herself of being a flexible presenter that can take on a challenge, Natalie is experienced in working with autoque, interviews, scripts and previously writing her own content. 

Natalie has travelled all over the world working in 28 different countries in the past few years from the USA to Germany, Latvia, France, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Dubai, Poland onto South Africa for the last two years.  Natalie has a great love of travel, adventure and nature so South Africa truly is a dream come true to work in! Natalie also has extensive live TV experience working with Global Brands on QVC, MATALAN TV, TV commercials as well as live event host to audiences up to 10K people (2019)

"Natalie's active lifestyle and love of horse riding, rock climbing and motorsport, makes Natalie a number one choice for fronting sports and adventure packages, making her a true all-rounder presenter who is capable of trying her hand to new experiences, whilst making the viewer feel part of the action. A natural ability to collaborate with contributors and crew makes Natalie a joy to work with and puts other at their ease" Andy Tea. Productions.

Natalie Constable Voice Reel - Natalie Constable
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