• Natalie


In my job, I have travelled to so many beautiful locations. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given so much and try to truly experience the world while working. Although I have been to all of these places (over 26 countries in 3 years!), having incredible once in a lifetime experiences..I have been terrible at documenting them!

One of my great passions in life is travel, adventure, experiences, nature and seeing all of the beautiful cultures our world has to offer. Photo-shoots are fun, stressful, amazing, tiring, exciting and exhausting all in one! There is a lot that goes into a shoot that you don't see after the editing process, not only in the planning but also the logistics; from shooting in a remote location, managing permits and the hardest of all.... feeding everyone! Ensuring you are running to time, shoot all of the content that is needed for the client and covering all possible future requests isn't easy, but I love it!

For this shoot the location was one of my all time travel destinations Bali, Indonesia. Bali is the ultimate photo-shoot location with deserted beaches, tropical waterfalls, ancient architecture and beautiful weather - but anyone who has driven a car there will tell you it can be the scariest place on earth! I did wonder why I got a strange look when collecting my 9-seater rental car from AVIS, they must have thought I was crazy! Organised chaos and a very specific, Balinese way of driving....

As with anything though it is the experience, stories to tell in years to come and I am forever grateful.

Bali, until next time.


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