• Natalie


It is January 2019 and I can hear the eyes rolling when people start to talk about New Years Resolutions! I host the #breakfastshow on #Solihullradio and we were asking our listeners what theirs were! We had the usual loose weight, go to the gym more and eat better! It got me and my co-host Laura talking about ours! (Great idea at the time) but, we came up with the idea of taking the decision away from me and giving it to our lovely listeners at #Solihullradio! And so, #challengenat was born! Throughout 2019 I am going to be at the mercy of our listeners for what they are going to challenge me to do! Will I be doing a marathon? Jumping out of a plane? I suppose it all depends on if I take their music requests or not.... #2019bringiton


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