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The world has changed since COVID - 19 but luckily enough I had already invested in equipment to provide clients with content from home! One of my regular clients Protolabs hosts weekly "insight" videos, where I host a tutorial and hopefully answer customer questions on all things injection moulding!

Due to social distancing regulations were weren't able to do our usual filming in the studio, so I created my own! With a lighting set up, professional grade microphone, soundproofing and help of a trusty Iphone its amazing what you can create!

The show must go on as they say! So, what are the steps?

Step 1: Script/Copy is written, approved and sent to myself where they are read and any pronunciations checked.

Step 2: Test video is filmed and sent to client for approval, direction and feedback

Step 3: Videos filmed, content created and our insight videos can continue in their weekly placement on the Protolabs social channels

It is really important to maintain a posting schedule for your business on social media, YouTube, your website and other platforms. This ensures consumer engagement and social algorithms are maintained.

Do you need content filming, a "vlogger" style video creating or Voice over recording remotely, professionally and interactivity in three simple steps?

Please get in touch. Many thanks, Natalie.


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