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As a presenter and actor I get to work on some pretty fun shoots! One I recently did was for Escape Hunt in Birmingham and I broke all of my Christmas traditions!

Tradition 1: Do not listen to Christmas songs before 1st December? Broken - there I was mince pie in hand boogieing away between shots to the best of Mariah!

Tradition 2: Christmas jumper comes out but once a year! As you can see this was shattered between entering the room and my first glass of fake Prosecco! Not only one Christmas jumper but three! I was told mine was slightly more subdued than the rest so quickly swapped to the Santa with 3D beard!

Tradition 3: Don't fake laugh with people around a table decorated with tinsel? Ok, you got me, this isn't a tradition but it was really fun anyway! Great team and the laughs were all real.

I love working on commercials like this one and even got to have a go at their brand new room for the Winston Churchill in all of us, Our Finest Hour! For an amazing Christmas work party or just fun with your friends, check out Escape Hunt Birmingham!

Happy Christmas Everyone (Blog post written on the 08th October)

Escape Hunt Birmingham Shoot

Escape Hunt Birmingham

Escape Hunt Birmingham


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