• Natalie


In 2018 I got married and I was beauty obsessed! A brand that I fell in love with on my beauty bridal journey was Tan- Luxe.

The tripple tan technology system working with your own skintone gives the most beautiful natural results. I contacted Tan- Luxe directly telling them my story and they asked me to appear on QVC as a brand ambassador! Live TV and QVC, I was a little nervous as the style of presenting was so new to me... but I loved it! The team, presenters, crew and guys at the brands do their best to make the guests feel the most comfortable. One of the things I loved the most about QVC and Tan-luxe was how much they love and care for their customer, truly caring about customer experience, feedback and stories makes it such an enjoyable environment! Here you will find a link to one of my segments for the Multi Award Winning illuminating body drops... enjoy!

P.s the picture was the most relevant one I had... I must have dropped something on the floor that day! : )



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