• Natalie


So as some may know I got married on the 26.05.2018 and loved every second.... the thing I didn't love was finding "the dress." I searched high and low, went to so many shops, drank too much Prosecco and got very stressed along the way! Having modelled wedding dresses previously I thought it would be easy, but it was the direct opposite! My advice to any brides is as follows:

1. Dont over shop - get serious from the first trip

2. Know what you want, research the styles you like and have an idea of how you want to feel on the day

3. Shop when you feel good! When I first started shopping I had put on a little weight and didnt feel great about myself so I couldn't envision how I would look. Pamper yourself, get a spray tan, do your hair - whatever makes you feel great before you shop!

4. Dont leave it too late - start shopping 9-12 months before your big day!

5. It is important, but it is only a dress! Dont get too stressed over it and the most important thing is for you to feel great - you will look great!

6. Try sample sales! The Brides Magazine sample sale in London was excellent - amazing dresses at great costs!

So after all that! I am selling my dress for the next bride in the hope that she will feel as amazing as I did without the stress!

So they can find "the dress".....


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