• Natalie

Voice over

A face for radio or so my mother has told me! Doing voice-overs is a love of mine, as it enables me to create a character, tell a story and get creative!

I have a home studio so during the COVID-19 pandemic it has enabled me to deliver VO for clients who need content updating quickly to delivery a current message to reflect unprecedented events. Some of my Voice Over clients include INICIO, Protolabs, Berts Bees and recently a very relevant mini series for the BBC teaching mathematics remotely.

I am a massive fan of Podcasts and Audio books as like a good book, they can transport you to another world, enable you to learn or just have a good laugh while doing something else! I love to listen to audio books when exercising, out walking or a #lifehack of mine is to listen while cleaning! You learn something or entertain yourself and the house gets a clean, so it is a win win! I have recently been working on an audio-book which is a dream for me and would love the opportunity to do more!

Some of my favourite podcasts are: The Drop Out, The CryptoQueen and The Joe Rogan Podcast!


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