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When you start as a presenter in TV the term working from home usually doesn't apply! Then in 2020 comes along and the whole world changes, where social distancing is the norm and everyone pulls together to support our most valued possession in the UK... the NHS.

I am a brand ambassador for Tan Luxe, a global tanning brand selling 1 product every 10 seconds and a brand I am very proud to be apart of. I work with this brand live on TV with QVC bringing the latest products direct to our customers in their homes. QVC have consistently respected the guidelines and looked after their team by practising social distancing by looking at new ways of working. So I have been on live TV straight from my Kitchen through my phone! This was such an amazing experience for me and shows what you can do when you need to!

I have also been looking at other ways of working for my other brands, creating content from home and engaging customers on their social platforms - recently filming for @Pureelectric, a brand new company working with female influencers to discuss their new rang of electric bikes. As exercise is very important to me and getting outdoors is something I am very lucky to still be able to do due to living in the country - I couldnt wait to film this!

Please see my videos for the latest content and get in touch if you need any content creating for your brand, from home!

Natalie x


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